James and the Giant Peach Jr.

Spring, 2017


James Henry Trotter – Mary Makenzie Linden
Ladahlord – Kayden Solomon
Aunt Spiker – Ryann Corley
Aunt Sponge – Judy Silva
Grasshopper/Mr. Trotter – Theo Duncan
Ladybug/Mrs. Trotter – Lilly Beougher
Centipede – Dylan Wills
Spider – Helena Honnen
Earthworm – Christian Waters
Matron Nurse – Rylee Macleod
Karl Kreator/Buzz – Duvaugn Pryce
Billy Bobby-Cop/Jake – Hunter Wilhelm
Bobby Bobby-Cop/Joe – Jackson Hayes
Doreen Driggles – Ani Page
Violet Funkschmeller – Mady Lowry-Wells
Ridgely Rapscallion – Dylan Scibetta
Chris Cryermouth – Tanell Smith
Ida Walters – Brooklyn Egli
Bitzy Botana – Layla Solaka
Willy Wonka – Tara Duncan
Lucille Van Kooglestein – Lily Shull
Bunny Mackenzie III – Makayla Wilhelm



Brennalyn Egli
Rylee Simpson
Mya Mitchell
Charlee Thompson
Zoe Hughes
Mason Brown
Kate Jackson
Aliyah Swanson
Ani Page
Evin Bauer
Clara Matzke


Jackson Hayes
Claire Jackson
Avery Polanski
Hannah Clemments
Duvaughn Pryce
Chardonnay Pryce
Logan Wilhelm
Mia Ulvog
Ava LeWinter
Rylie Smith
Riley Boring



(Understudies will perform the role at the school performance)

James Henry Trotter – Makenna Ireton
Ladahlord – Tesla Corley
Aunt Spiker – Ava Brooks
Aunt Sponge – Emily Parrish
Ladybug/Mrs. Trotter – Morgan Parrish
Centipede – Tanell Smith
Spider – Bailey Boring
Earthworm – Hunter Wilhelm


Addison Wingo
Elijah Simon
Eric Downing
Finn Reaser
Emma Corley
Scott Downing
Claire Garrett
Cameron Phelps
Madison Phelps
Latonia Hylton
Juliet Hannum
Alexis Bork
Ashley Marth
Delani Fronstin


Melissa Davis
April 20th, 21st, &22nd, 2017

With permissions from Musical Theater International
Words & Music by: Benji Pasek and Justin Paul
Book by: Timothy Allen McDonald
Based on the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Special thanks to:
Martin Moreno
The Linden Family
The Bauer Family
Anthem Prints
Ridgeline Adacemy PTO